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 AAU Alumni Association-International
Millennium Conference
Feedback from member is needed from members who are registering for the conference on when and where such conference can be held
One idea is to conduct regional conferences and link them
To air you opinion please send email to gutaye @ ncat . edu



Working Groups

  • Bylaws writers
  • Give to AAU
  • Short and long term Planners
  • Organizational Structure 
  • Mission statement writers
  • Funding Concept Developer
  • Developers of Commissions on 
    • Awards
    • Education
    • Finance 
    • Meetings and Conferences 
    • Publications
    • International Networks

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We are in the process of charting the way to establish AAU Alumni Association world wide. We prepared this online conference to facilitate the formation and  to document concepts and to  learn about the legal process . 

As you know we have an online AAU-Network and there is now an attempt to define a role for such network. Within the AAU-Network there are several discipline based networks which attempt to generate interest to participate in building the capabilities of higher learning institutions in Ethiopia, as well has assist Ethiopians all over the world  to succeed in their academic careers. Some of us believe that a successful network has the following characteristics

  •  It is open to all who are willing to help Ethiopian higher education institutions
  • In doing so any one interested in the cause of higher education in Ethiopia can join the network
  • In doing so it will generate tangible collaboration targeted to improve the quality of Education and research in Ethiopia
  • In doing so it documents the achievements of Ethiopian scholars and students; and rewards their efforts
  • It facilitates the availability of resources to all Ethiopian students
  • It unites people
  • Many more

Suggested Focus Areas

  • The role of Alumni in shaping the future of Education and Research 
  • History of Addis Ababa University
  • History of alumni participation in helping AAU achieve its goals
  • AAU and its long and short range Plans, its expectations from its Alumni
  • Academic Freedom
  • AAU Alumni Association: A possible organizational Structure and missions
  • Give to AAU 
Considering your experience in organizing and bringing people together, I personally believe that you will give a futuristic view of how things should be regarding higher education. Perhaps your vision of the future is something  that will  generate a strong academic collaboration among the Ethiopian current and future elite.

What will we talk about ?

  • You can pick your own topic based on your experiences.
  • You can talk about the history of AAU and the role of AAU Alumni in the past
  • You can talk about why we need to be organized and what we can do under the current circumstances
  • You can talk about organizational structure of AAU Alumni Association and how the various chapters will interact
  • You can talk about plausible collaborations among AAU Alumni, and their colleagues with AAU faculty members or faculty members from other Ethiopian schools
  • You can talk about how an AAU-Alumni Association interacts with the Ethiopian professional associations, Student organizations and non profit community , and the business community (e.g.. Ahead, ESS, AAUAA, EAF, etc.)
  • You can talk about how to involve our universities, and companies to support AAU and AAUAA
  • We can talk about how to integrate all activities of "Give to AAU", as well as create a clearinghouse of AAU related activities world wide
  • Most of all you can talk about sharing our lesson plans, lectures and any teaching resources with AAU faculty and faculty members of sister institutions
  • You can talk about successful alumni associations around the world, and the lesson we can draw out of their success

  • What is the outcome of the discussion ?
  • Your views, the questions and comments associated with them will be summarized and published on the web and will be available to AAU-Network members. 

Possible Outcomes

  • The bylaws
  • Administrative and management structures
  • Membership requirements
  •  Modes of collaboration with AAU scientists
  • Modes of supporting current students, and Graduates of AAU
  • Modes of accommodating graduates of  other schools
  • Modes of services provided to Members 
  • Modes of Affiliation with AAUAA-Ethiopia and other parts of the world
  • Modes of reward and acknowledgments

AAU-Network Addis Ababa University Alumni Association International