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Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 2, May 2001
Editors: Abebe Kebede and Asfawossen Asrat

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You see the day the Emperor gave that palace to the University I was there by accident. Bare foot with a well ironed short, by accident I found myself loitering among the degree holding academics swimming in their colorful gowns.  The Emperor was the Chancellor and Lij Yilma was appointed Vice Chancellor.  Everything was too tense.  It almost took Lij Yilma to read few page speech hours because the words could not come out of his Oromo tounge.  To be very honest, I went for that great occasion not because I was planning to become a university person but just because of curiosity to see what a palace looks like.  Because for one week the radio was announcing that the palace gate will be open for public and the day was Saturday.  This is forty years ago.  From what I remember Ethiopia had even then good number of university level academics, for mind you it was still initial period for every thing. 

 Dr. Taddle G. Hiwot, UC-Berkeley

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