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NIH-Training Proposal

This proposal seeks support for the development of 12 teaching modules in biomedical and health sciences. These modules   will be integrated into existing undergraduate and graduate courses through team teaching, seminars, series of lectures, workshops, symposia and research. The overall outcome of this exercise is  to develop a model program that trains  interdisciplinary research workforce for biomedical and health sectors. The plan includes the design and implementation of 12 Biomedical and Health Modules  that use existing capabilities on and off campus. The Interdisciplinary science fields include subjects such as Biophysics,  biometry bioengineering,  biomaterials, cognitive neuroscience, bioelectricity and biomagnetism. The rich content of the modules will address the findings of the National Research Council (NRC) on the state of undergraduate science education, and general weaknesses on student preparation for high tech jobs . The modules will be customized to attract  STEM majors at all levels  We are proposing,  (1)  to train 15 students per year using these modules. These students will be required to join research groups within the university or at NIH sponsored research centers  (2) to customize the modules  to enhance our capability to respond to the interdisciplinary workforce needs of NIH.  The proposed modules will support and enhance a number of courses in Physics, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (ME), biology, chemistry, mathematics and nursing, at undergraduate and graduate level. These modules will allow students to gain a total learning experience that will involve literature search, ethics, data acquisition and reporting. The learning  environment thus created will instill in the student the importance and value of scientific inquiry for national growth, prosperity and diversity of work force. Using this project as a staging post, we will propose to develop a library of modules that will prepare students for graduate studies  and  for interdisciplinary research workforce 

Nanotechnology Education

This proposal requests support to develop a Nanotechnology content within the STEM fields The development involves  collaboration among the STEM disciplines within NC A&T State University, and Nanotechnology centers in the US. This work will develop systemic approaches and content modules  to integrate Nanotechnology into lectures and laboratories, in life and physical sciences at A&T. We will share our model with similar universities and disseminate the development activities to  educators nationally.  We will have an immediate and direct impact on selected courses at the freshman and junior level. We will have a long-term impact on  community college STEM content by impacting such education through teacher development programs and workshops.  We will popularize our work through appropriate technical and educational conferences nationwide.  We are proposing the development of courses that impact nanotechnology education at NC A&T State University, 


  • Develop web based nanotechnology  mini courses and laboratories
  • Develop hands-on laboratory modules (follow Cornell University Modules)
  • Conduct nanotechnology workshops, seminars and laboratory tours 

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