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Mission: STS will become a major resource and information on NASA related internships. Pending availability of funding STS will provide internship opportunties to students

Internship opportunities can be found at CIRL

Current internships

Ms. Lynnae Quick
Department of Physics

Study of Radio Emission from Brown Dwarfs at National Radio Astronomy Observatory

This project aims to study the radio emission characteristics of a sample of brown dwarfs observed recently with the VLA.  The discovery of radio emission from brown dwarfs (accomplished a few years ago by a group of NRAO summer students!) surprised the stellar community, and raised deep questions about the continuance of activity into ultracool stellar objects. The student will work with Rachel Osten on the data reduction and interpretation of multi-frequency radio observations designed to pin down the spectral index and variability of the radio emission, as well as constrain levels of circular polarization during and outside of flares. Additional data is designed to increase the number of detections or sensitive upper limits on a range of spectral types.  Ms. Quick will learn the techniques of interferometry in a relatively simple application, as well as delve into stellar activity characteristics (radio emission, X-ray emission, H alpha emission) and their intercomparisons.

Scott Swindel: Goddard Space Flight Center

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