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McNair-2005 Symposium

Ronald E.  McNair Symposium  on Science and Technology Frontiers: The Role of HBCU/MI in 21st Century Higher Education

Themes: Shaping  US Intellectual Capital by Advancing Women and Minorities Through Higher Education 

Sponsored by: NC A&T State University 

Symposium Objectives

North Carolina A&T State University presents The Ronald E. McNair Symposium on Science Frontiers: Opportunities and Challenges, on the 16th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. During this symposium, prominent scholars will provide keynote addresses on their fields of experience under the general topic.   "Science Frontiers and the Role of HBCU's in the 21st Century Higher Education." The symposium will be the vehicle to enhance the participation of mainly teaching universities in cutting age research there by enhancing the integration of research and education. In particular, the symposium will be a focal scientific medium for undergraduate and graduate students, McNair Scholars, McNair Alumni, McNair Program Administrators, faculty members, funding organizations, and scientific societies. The specific objectives include: 

  • Networking with prominent scholars and educators 
  • Networking  with researchers in front end scientific research
  • Networking among McNair program alumni, current McNair Scholars, and undergraduate and graduate students
  • Developing systems and processes which permit the formation of McNair Symposium on Science Frontiers
  • Preparing high achieving students for graduate studies 
  • Enabling Faculty to participate in cutting edge Research 
  • Enhancing the SMET Curriculum by integrating research results in the curriculum 
  • Exposing Science frontiers at HBCU's
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of Research Experiences for graduate and undergraduate students
  • Increasing the number of minority Ph.D.'s in science 

Contact: Abebe Kebede, Conference Chair
Tel: (336) 256-2039 Fax: (336) 256-0815