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STS Workshops

About the workshops

 I. Mission: 
  • Strengthen STEM education for P-20
II. Goals and Objectives
  • Develop and conduct sustained STEM professional development activities for P-12 schools and community colleges
  • Increase the number of students majoring in STEM

III. Potential outcomes of STS Worshops

  • Pomotion and expansion of STS 
  • Networking/bringing first rate education resources to P-20 
  • Preparation of top notch students for undergraduate programs
  • Perparation of the high tech workforce

IV. General areas of STS Workshops include

  • Astrobiology, Nanotechnology and biotechnology
  •  Space science and technology education
  • V.  Potential participants and sponsors

    Financial assistance will be sought from all federal genecies and non-governmental organization which have a vested interest in STEM education