Distance Learning Bookmarks

Universities and School Systems in the US

Project OWLink; Distance Learning in Texas Schools
World Wide Web Lecture
UT Austin Lecture Hall
Graduate Distance Learning Program, University of Texas at Dallas
Champlain College
WWW Engineering Schools
Indiana University School of Continuing Studies
Education/Distance Learning on the Internet:Distance Learning on the Internet
Useful Links - Distance Learning
Internet Courses and Internet-based Instructional Materials at Indiana Institutions
Indiana Faculty Teach Internet-based Courses
University of Michigan: What is Distance Learning?
Impact of new technology
Distance Learning Library
Distance Education Clearinghouse
T&L on the WWW
Global Lecture Hall: Opinion on Distance Learning
Educational Online Sources Front Door
Indiana University: Distance Education
Links to Other Distance Learning Sites:
Distance Learning / my future
San Francisco State University: Distance Learning
Distance Learning Primer
What is Distance Learning?
Education/Distance Learning on the Internet


Distance Learning Resource Network
K-12 Distance Education
Litton-FiberCom Distance Learning Application :Distance Learning Application
ICS Learning Systems Home Page
Technology in Education
Bell Atlantic Distance Learning
Distance Learning on the Net by Glenn Hoyle
Distance Learning Application
McRel Educational Resources
CALCampus Home Page


Distance Learning Guidebook 1995-96 Contents
The Heriot-Watt Distance Learning MBA
British Columbia: - Special Education Branch
Distance Learning Guidebook 1995-96 Contents
The Heriot-Watt Distance Learning MBA
Intercultural Open University
TeleEducation NB - Learning on the Web

Consortia and Associations

Consortium for Distance Learning Home Page
USDLA Home Page
Texas Distance Learning Association

Learning Technologies
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Ethiopian Distance Learning Association||International Open College of Ethiopia||African Distance Learning Association||Virtual Interactive Science and Technology Academy

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