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This page describes for you the volunteer faculty members of the International Open College of Ethiopia. It is designed so that you can search for faculty members according to their area of expertise or names. This page will be underconstruction for a long time. However it is ready to document the curriculum vitae of the faculty members. Here is how you can enter your name to this data base ?.

Go to the category that best describes your field of expertise and click on the phrase that says "Enter your name here" and then follow the instruction in that in link. When you fill out the volonteer form, make sure to compl ete all fields including your research interests, e-mail address, your website, links to the subect you will be teaching (if available) e.t.c. If there is no category that describes your area of expertise, you just fill out the form and indicate the categ roy you belong to. After receiving your form, we will create a new categroy for you and those with similar expertise.

"Dir Biabir Anebessa Yasir"


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