AFRICA 2001 Total Solar Eclipse Program st NC A&T State University
Live from Lusaka Zambia

Date June 21, 2001 

Time: 7:00 AM- 12: 00 PM 

Sites: McNair Auditorium, and Marteena Hall Rm 216 and Planetrarium

Our Mission: Enhance scientific literacy and promote NASA'S Outreach Programs

Witness the first of  two African total solar eclipses on Thursday  June 21 2001, at Webb Auditorium . Although this eclipse is not visible from North America, the National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP), NASA/Exploratorium and NC A&T State University will present live coverage of the event. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event that begins on the morning of June 21.  Visitors will watch the event via satellite and web cast. There is an additonal parallel event in Rm 216 Marteena Hall for A&T Students staring 8:00 Am.  The activities in webb hall will end at 10:30 AM.  Begining 11:00 AM a planetarium show will be conducted for students from the area schools. Starting 11:00 AM three scientific talks will be given to those at the end of High School Career and above.



National  Society of Black Physicists 

North Caroina Agricultural and Technical 
State University

Press Release


Contact Person: Abebe Kebede email:

Potential Audience: Students, Parents, school teachers, astronomers, Saturday Academy NASA Sharp Plus, Continued Education, recruiters, NC Museums, NC K-12, Amateur Astronomers and The Astronomy community of North Carolina

Participants: NC A&T State University (College of Arts and Science, Computer Center, Department of Physics)

PARKING: For the event in Webb Auditorium. Please park along the new parking lot near the Dowdy Admistrative Building.  For the event in Marteena Hall, please park on the nearest partking lot to Marteena Hall. If there are any changes you will be informed



Schedue for the event

Time (EDT) Activity Host/Speaker Place 
  Guests begin to arrive 


Kebede McNair
7:00-8:00:AM About Eclipse

First Video Clips NSBP, Eclipse 99

African Stories/Songs (God Bless Africa, Zambia National Anthem, Ethiopian seasonal song)

Second Video Clip:Blackout



Mcnair Audit.

8:00 AM 

8:05 AM 

Inroduction about Explorarium 

Third Video Clip: Marteena Hall Display



 McNair Audit
Intermission (20 min) Brief remarks on the Next African Total Solar Eclipse (Dec 4, 2002) Kebede McNair Audit 


8:20 AM-9:30 AM 
Begin Tracking Eclipse

Live Broadcast, NASA TV from Africa and Webcast

Live Broadcast, NAS TV from Africa and Webcast


Mookesh and

Ceasar Lockhart

McNair Audit.

Rm. 216
Marteena Hall

Marteena Hall Planetarium

10:00:12 :00 Noon Cosmic Rays:Messangers from Deep Space


Space Science

Panetarium Show


R.K. Williams



Rm. 216 
Marteena Hall

Rm 216 
Marteena Hall

Planetrarium Show